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Renovations and additions

One of the best ways to manage a growing business, community or a family is through additions and renovations, At Econox we add value to your property and meet your current and future expectations.

Some of our common additions are the following:


Garage Additions

Addition of an indoor garage to your home reduces homeowner’s insurance rates, creates better conditions to store your vehicle, and attracts new homebuyers.

Kitchen Additions

We make your kitchen stand out from other kitchens by providing you with modern and custom designs of your choice.


Going Green In the Kitchen: when you think of technology and efficiency, your kitchen probably is not the first to come to mind. Surprisingly, there is a lot of tech and electronic available at Econox for your kitchen that won’t wreck your energy bill.

Room Addition

Adding a room to your home creates additional space that could be a deal breaker for a growing family.


The renovation process may be time-consuming and costly for some of us, therefore, at Econox we work with you to make your dreams meet your expectations, taking in consideration your budget by offering high quality within deadlines provided.

Foaming and Insulation

At Econox we have the best solution for any of your insulation needs whether it is a residential or a commercial property


At Econox we provide professional painting services for both Residential & Commercial clients. We are committed to high-quality work at a fair price, and we specialize in all sorts of painting jobs whether it’s touching up the trim or giving your walls a fresh coat.

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